The Obama-Biden Military Clawback

Many know how badly the Obama-Biden administration financially decimated the U.S. military. Less known is how the military bureaucracy clawed back benefits, withheld full paychecks, and indebted an unknown but substantial number of service members and veterans -- many of whom had just returned from war.  

These warriors, in some cases saddled with six-figure debt, now faced a different kind of enemy -- the endless dead ends and red tape of a faceless, suffocating and swampy bureaucracy. After learning of this financial abuse from a junior Marine who’d been impacted, Shawn stepped in to help. Not before long, he himself was under investigation.

Marine veteran Shawn Wylde just won’t quit as he looks to the future

By LIZ GEORGE | American Military News

If you’ve been on social media in the last few years, chances are you’ve seen the “Trump Tank” image. You know the one: President Trump stands on top of a tank, looking ahead as fireworks and bombs explode in the background. To his right, a bald eagle firing a machine gun soars through the air over the tank’s gun engraved with the words “You’re Fired.” To his left, Old Glory and the Gadsden flag blow in the wind above a Big Gulp bumper sticker.

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‘Why was I arrested at all?’: Reservists investigated for using Army-provided housing allowance fight to clear names


STUTTGART, Germany — A few hours before he was lauded by U.S. Africa Command brass for a 30-year military career that culminated in helping run day-to-day operations at his Stuttgart headquarters, Richard Gulley was read his rights, fingerprinted and treated like a crook by Army investigators.

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A History As Wild As His Artwork

From Rocky Trump to Saint Mattis to the Trump Tank, Shawn Wydle is the man behind some of today’s most viral political content. 

A Marine veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Wylde came up with the idea for what would soon become a multi-million dollar brand, American AF, while in federal prison. 

 What landed him in prison was the culmination of years of challenging authority figures and institutions when he believed they overstepped their bounds and hurt people with a limited ability to fight back. This includes his expulsion from the Virginia Military Institute after leading a cadet revolt against the administration, and his fight to expose Marines who’d been victimizing their Marine counterparts by harrassing them on social media.

Honorably Discharged

Evidence of Honorable discharge after prison, 100% disabled rating by the VA, how receiving disability compensation while receiving active duty pay is not illegal, and the VA reimbursing Shawn more than he was accused of stealing after prison. Shawn was passed over for promotion because he was in prison.

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Were you also a victim of the retroactive PLEAD clawbacks?

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